Oct 29 2019

Charities that pick up cars

Charities that pick up cars-Charities that pick up cars
Charities that pick up cars-Technology Charities To sustain this free service, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. This doesn’t affect rankings. Our review process. I have been a part of many

Technology Charities

To sustain this free service, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. This doesn’t affect rankings. Our review process.

I have been a part of many technological groups both offline and on Facebook. I’ve also participated in many think tanks and things of that nature. I am a true techie and I love gadgets. I love also everything new and I will stand in line. However, now I feel like I am at the pinnacle of my career, and I am truly blessed with a lot of knowledge. I’m at a point that I want to give back somehow. Are there any technology related charities with a good reputation?

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Electronic Frontier Foundation

The supporters of this charity are on-board with its unique and important mission: Preserving your constitutional rights in the digital world. The group is dedicated to fighting legislation that impinges on your basic rights via the internet and educating people about what their rights are online. They even commission research and draft proposals based on their findings, so as to better the internet experience for all.

WinningTech Charities

This is a great charity that is dedicated to bringing technology to kids. The group refurbishes old computers and donates them to under-privileged children. They also have mentoring programs for youth, provide guides and literature, and teach basic technology education classes to the children of their communities, including how to use common software and hardware programs and other basic computer skills education, taught by professional instructors.

CTT: Connecting the Third Sector to Technology

This was a charity that was created in order to improve upon the technology available to, and used by, other charities. The organization provides charities with free or reduced-price software, distributes donated technology equipment to other charities to speed up communications and efficiency. Through one of CTT’s email distribution programs, charities are able to receive incoming messages. They also help with technology that helps with the financing and fundraising aspects of a charity organization.


Technology probably means electronic gadgets to you, but to many people around the world, even just having running water is considered high-tech. But providing running water to millions of people is nonetheless an important step in helping free up women’s time, improve the economic situation of the households using the water, and prevents the spread of water borne disease. What is most unique about this charity is that they have a one hundred percent model, meaning that all of the dollars donated by the public go directly to projects. (A separate group of private donors pays administrative and overhead costs that normally would eat up the funds donated by the public.) Water exploration projects, and the building of wells and filters and possibly rainwater catchments and protecting natural springs are all part of charity:water’s work.


Charities that pick up cars


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