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Donate hair for cancer-Donate hair for cancer
Donate hair for cancer-Brazilian Hair vs Indian Hair With advances in technology and availability of human hair, more and more women are going in for weaving or hair extensions

Difference Between Indian and Brazilian Hair

August 19, 2013 Posted by Admin

Brazilian Hair vs Indian Hair

With advances in technology and availability of human hair, more and more women are going in for weaving or hair extensions these days. It is today possible to flaunt long and bouncy hairs even if a woman does not have thick crop of hair. Unruly or very curly hair can also be straightened and lengthened through hair extensions. Brazilian and Indian hair are considered to be the best by American and Europeans as far as their consistency and smoothness is concerned. However, despite looking similar, Brazilian hair is different from Indian hair. This article attempts to find out these differences.

Indian Hair

Indian hair is the most commonly available hair in the markets. This is because of the fact that Indians donate their hairs for religious purposes. Indian hairs are mostly natural dark brown and very fine in texture. It is not very shiny which is why it blends easily with most of the European and American hair types. Another reason why Indian hair blends with European hair is because the cuticles of these hairs are less tangled. Two terms that are used quite often for Indian hair are virgin and remy. Virgin hair is one that means that these hairs are not processed or treated with chemicals. All cuticles are running in one direction in remy hair. Hair extensions made with Indian hair become wavy after drying, giving a very beautiful look to the individual. Also, Indian hair curls and straightens easily making it very workable.

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is shiny and silky. It is available in straight, wavy, and curly forms. Hair extensions made of Brazilian hair hold on to their curls for a long time period. These hairs are the most sought after in the market today. Brazilian hair is very hot and dense. They gel with most European and American textures. There is a lot of body and bounce in Brazilian hair, and it has a natural shine.

Brazilian Hair vs Indian Hair

• Brazilian hair, in general, is shinier and silkier than Indian hair.

• Indian hair is mostly dark brown.

• Indian hair is very workable and holds on to curls, but Brazilian hair holds on to curls much longer.

• Brazilian hair is mostly black though it is also available in dark brown color.

• Brazilian hair has a higher density than Indian hair.

• Brazilian hair gives more bounce than Indian hair when used as hair extension.

• The texture of Brazilian hair is a little coarser than Indian hair.

• If you are looking for thick and bouncy hair, Brazilian hair is more suitable for hair extensions.

• If you are looking for shiny and straight hairs, Indian hair is great.

• Brazilian hair withstands humidity better than Indian hair as it frizzes much less when wet.


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